Zoo and animal enclosures

Alpha RAT offers installation, inspection and maintenance of animal structures, enclosures and aviaries. With an office in Bristol we operate nationwide.

Over the years we have carried out multiple installation and maintenance projects across the UK. From small monkey enclosures, through wader birds aviary to grand scale tiger and leopard enclosures, we have been involved in the most iconic Zoo structures in UK. Our extensive knowledge and unmatched high-level access capabilities put us in front of other specialist construction companies.

We work with multiple materials:

• Polyethylene and polypropylene nets
• Stainless steel mesh
• Galvanized or stainless steel welded mesh
• Steel support structures
• Timber support structures

zoo enclosure
wire fence


When designing the new animal habitat, the priority is always the welfare of the animals. That’s why we start with consulting the animal specialists, behaviourists, biologists and zookeepers to establish the necessary requirements and constrains for the enclosure design. We work with designers and structural engineers experienced in designing Zoo structures, to create the most suitable design for given purpose.


Installation is where our vast experience comes to life. Zoo gardens are often very demanding environments for construction companies. Most of the time, works take place when the Zoo garden is operational, with ground and surrounding conditions far from ideal. We use a variety of access and installation methods to carry out installation in the most efficient way, with minimum disturbance to the busy life of the Zoo garden.

workers on top of tall enclosure
workers climbing poles
connecting up wire fence
climbing ladders
ripped wire mesh
zoo net repair
worker on small lift
worker up on pole
workers on mesh fence


Like all other structures, animal enclosures need periodical maintenance. Most of the time that’s done by the Zoo staff, but sometimes specialists are needed to carry out maintenance or repair works beyond capabilities of the Zoo maintenance team. Our engineers regularly carry out maintenance work to the Zoo structures, usually at height or where access is a problem, for example above water.


Alpha RAT Ltd has been involved in multiple installation and maintenance projects of various bird aviaries. From small net aviaries at Birdworld, through a mid-size walk-through aviary in Marwell Zoo to the seafront costal zoo & aquarium in Torquay and Brookside aviary in Paignton Zoo. Our access methods prove invaluable when installation or repair work require work at heights. All our technicians are fully qualified and trained in rope access (industrial abseiling).

workers up on a harness
enclosure next to the sea
peacock resting on log
large enclosure
rope covering over wooden structure
swamp enclosure
enclosure in the woods
rope ties


Animal enclosures require attention to detail. At the end of the day, our goal is for those animals to remain safe inside the enclosure. We build and maintain a variety of animal enclosures and we work with multiple materials like PE nets, stainless steel mesh or welded mesh. We can install structures based on steel or timber frames. Our technicians have been involved in multiple project within the UK including Bristol Zoo, Paignton Zoo, Marwell Zoo, Birdworld, Living coasts, Chessington and Twycross Zoo.

Walk through enclosures

Walk through enclosures give a fantastic opportunity for the public to experience animals in an environment created to mimic their natural habitat. Being up close with the animals, within the same enclosure gives invaluable experience for the visitors. We like those type of structures. Our favourite one is still Living Coasts in Torquay.

large enclosure next to the sea
zoo enclosure
monkeys in a cage


Each Zoo or wildlife project needs temporary holding pens. They are usually out of public view and need to be simple and functional. A lightweight, tubular steel structure with metal or PE mesh is usually the most effective solution. We can build those as well.

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