Reliable Industrial abseiling company in Bristol

Alpha RAT is an experienced rope access and engineering company that offers excellent industrial abseiling services across the South West and countrywide.

Modern Access Techniques

At Alpha RAT, we use a range of industrial abseiling techniques to undertake repairs and installations in locations that are difficult to reach using traditional access methods. We use rope access methods to perform quick, safe and cost-effective maintenance and installation works. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Advantages of rope access.

• Unmatched safety record of IRATA system
• Cost effectiveness
• Minimum disruption
• Quick mobilisation and deployment
• Flexibility
• Minimum disruption

Qualified rope access specialists

We work under the guidelines of the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA); our engineers are well-equipped and trained in undertaking safe and secure industrial abseiling services. IRATA is a globally recognized body that sets training and accreditation standards for Rope Access technicians and companies. IRATA safety standards and statistics are the best in the world!

We also offer structural installations and inspections for our construction clients across the South West.

Inspections and surveys

Inspecting tall structures is not an easy task. Access is often a major obstacle. Industrial abseiling offers a quick, efficient and - most importantly - safe means of access. Systems can be deployed quickly and with minimum disturbance. Our engineers can carry out various inspections and survey works at heights safely, following International Rope Access Trade Accusation (IRATA) guidelines.


Following the Hierarchy of control measures during the planning stage of the installation, the project dictates avoiding work at height if possible. If unavoidable, appropriate equipment should be used to prevent falls, for example, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) or Rope Access. In many situations, the flexibility and quick adaptivity of industrial abseiling systems present the best reasonably practicable solution for work at height.

Rigging and lifting

Stemming from the sailing industry, the term “rigging” has been adopted by many industries, for example, construction, engineering, entertainment and filming. By utilising ropes, wires and lifting equipment we can build a system to support, move or control a person, load or structure. From a shopping centre, through a construction site to a remote location in the Amazon rainforest – we can rig it.


Glass is commonly used as the main construction material. Usually, after the building has been handed over, there is no provision to replace or repair broken glass panes. Rope access is often the only way that the replacement can be carried out. We offer professional glazing and cladding services that guarantee the works to be properly planned and safely conducted. Installation, replacement or refurbishment - we can help.

Cleaning, pressure and steam washing

Commercial abseiling has become a well-recognised access technique used for a variety of cleaning, painting and washing operations. The fast deployment, flexibility and minimum disturbance of rope access systems make them a perfect choice for window, façade and gutter cleaning, steel and concrete painting, power washing etc. We can make your building or structure fresh and shiny again.

Restoration and heritage

The low impact and minimum disturbance of industrial rope access systems make them a perfect choice for restoring heritage structures. We cooperate with highly skilled and experienced conservation engineers and can provide a full spectrum of survey, restoration and maintenance works. You can be assured that your church, castle, viaduct or bridge will be in the heart of our operations and well looked after by our qualified stone mason.

Bird control installation

At Alpha RAT Ltd, we know how to keep them in and out. We offer design and installation services of bird control and bird netting systems for bird ingress prevention.

On the other hand, we offer bespoke enclosure and aviary solutions for bird sanctuaries and Zoo gardens. We design, manufacture and install a variety of Zoo structures, from small welded mesh enclosures, through medium size PE mesh aviaries to large-scale stainless-steel net Zoo enclosures.

Maintenance Of Bridges, Pylons, Chimneys And Suspended structures

Thanks to our multiple access methods and competency in working at height, our technicians can carry out planned and reactive maintenance to various challenging structures.

Whatever you need to do to your structure – we can help. Our recent addition of aircraft warning lights is only one of the examples.

Banner and sign installation

Signage and banners are usually installed high above the public. It makes sense. They need to be visible. This makes industrial abseiling a perfect access solution for their installation. The rope access method eliminates the need for costly scaffolding and helps in situations where a MEWP can’t be used. After carefully planning, we will turn up on site, deploy our rope system, safely carry out the installation process and clear the site - very often unnoticed by the public.

Electrical and com cabling

Stadiums, shopping centres, towers and bridges are often very challenging for standard cabling methods. Where scaffolding, MEWPS or ladders are not sufficient, industrial abseiling offers a huge advantage. We can aid climb and accessing remote locations safely and efficiently. If required, works can be carried out by qualified electricians and telecom technicians.

Construction industry WAH

Even with the best planning and implementation of the Hierarchy of control measures during the planning stage, site managers often find themselves in situations, where the use of industrial abseiling (rope access) is the only reasonable option. The flexibility and quick adaptivity of industrial abseiling systems present the best reasonably practicable solution for work at height.

Industrial Painting

Alpha RAT Ltd offers industrial painting and corrosion protection services in the UK.

With our unique abilities to access difficult-to-reach locations, we can offer invaluable services to our industrial clients. Painting a crane on a barge or a steel structure in a congested industrial plant it's not an easy task. In many cases, standard access methods like scaffold or MEWP are not a viable option. We can deploy a team of abseilers quickly, with minimum disruption to the day-to-day operation and carry out the task safely and efficiently.

For professional industrial abseiling services in Bristol and UK, call Alpha RAT