Thorough structural inspection

At Alpha RAT Ltd we specialize in structural inspections at heights and in difficult to reach locations using MEWPs and Industrial abseiling.

Versatile Inspection Techniques

We use a range of structural inspection and survey methods from visual inspections, through tactile and destructive testing, to NDT, aerial and thermal imaging. All findings and recommendations are presented in a professionally prepared report. The data collected can be presented in PDF format or multimedia presentation if required. Contact us today if you have any queries about our services.

Rope access can be utilised for:

• Tensile Structures
• Towers, masts, chimneys and bridges
• Building envelopes
• Steel structures
• Fall arrest systems and anchor points
• Zoo structures

workers climbing pointed roof
worker meets the sun on platform
rope access worker
worker up high on platform

Tensile structures

Tensile structures rely heavily on a pre-stress of their components. It is very important to keep an eye on the condition and the tension of the structure and its elements. With many years of experience in the tensile industry, our engineers know how to look after your structure and a written condition report will help you plan your maintenance schedule. From small free-standing canopies, to massive roofs and walkways - we work with all scales.

Towers, masts, chimneys and bridges

These types of structures are usually difficult to access. Using industrial rope access techniques, we can get to the top of the mast or under the bridge and carry out the required task safely and efficiently. Our skilled technicians can carry out structural inspection of your structure to your specification followed by a written report and multimedia pack if required.

worker on turbine at sea
workers on concrete bridge
worker up a tree
rope access worker
worker inspecting wind turbine
worker on side of building
worker on city roof
High above cemetery
On top of structure

Building envelopes

Inspection of building envelopes in crowded cities it is often a challenging task. Building a scaffold is very often a least effective solution. We can utilize our rope access system quickly, efficiently and most importantly – safely, which makes it the perfect choice for a temporary works, quick inspections or emergency works. We can inspect roofs, walls, cladding facades, curtain walls, rainwater goods, chimneys, vents etc.

Steel structures

Steel structures are often difficult to access and inspect using standard access techniques. The use of rope access has a huge advantage over traditional access methods like scaffolding or MEWPs. Very often it is the only way to get to a very high located structure, or congested steelwork. Using aid climbing techniques we can ascend, descend and traverse steel structures to get to the desired location and carry out the expected task.

Worker on stadium ceiling
Bristol City
football stadium
working at night
metal connectors for harness
harness locked

Fall arrest systems, anchor and fixing points

All safety critical anchor and fixing points should be periodically tested according to the BS and EN standards, Code of Practice and manufacturers recommendations. We can carry out testing of a variety of fixings including steel connections, concrete and masonry fixings, fall arrest, work restrain and work positioning systems. It is a facility management responsibility to make sure that the anchor and fixing points are safe and sound. We will make sure that they are, so you don’t have to worry.

Zoo structures

The safety and wellbeing of your animals is a priority. Lack of maintenance can lead to excessive deterioration of the animal enclosure or aviary. Especially during the winter months, severe weather can damage an unmaintained structure. Therefore, it is important to maintain the net structures regularly to minimise the possibility of structural damage and loss of animals. Alpha RAT Ltd has extensive experience in building and maintaining Zoo structures. The safety of your animals is our priority.

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