Installation Services in the South West.

Alpha RAT offers installation services for the construction industry, commercial buildings, retail, art, and entertainment. Specializing in high-level installations, we operate in the South West and nationwide.

Installation at heights and in difficult locations.

A successful installation project requires good planning and preparation, adequate equipment and a highly skilled and experienced workforce. It is especially important during installation at height. We will manage your project while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. We can utilize scaffolding, MEWPs or rope access systems to execute installation tasks as efficiently as possible and our highly trained and certified staff will pay attention to safety standards and the quality of your installation at all times.

Core installation services

• Steel, timber, concrete and tensile structures• Net structures, zoo enclosures
• Net structures and Zoo enclosures
• Bird netting and pest control
• Christmas decorations and sculptures
• Towers, bridges, chimneys and walkways
• Fall arrest systems

fabric ceiling
fabric structure
o2 fabric installation
tensile fabric
zoo enclosure

Tensile structures

Tensile structures offer an invaluable advantage over the classic structures. They allow for greater spans, lighter construction and more aesthetic designs. Installations are often challenging and require detailed planning and perfect execution. With many years of experience in the tensile structure industry, we can undertake installation of various types of structures from fabric, through polyethylene and stainless-steel nets to cable net tensile structures.

Zoo structures

At Alpha Rat Ltd, we know how important the welfare of zoo animals is. We can help with the design, manufacture and installation of your aviary, zoo enclosure or other type of net or mesh zoo structure. Our in-house installation team is experienced with all types of high-level installations. From small free-standing wire mesh enclosures, to big open space net bird aviaries – you can be sure our team will deliver a first-class structure.

bird aviary
steel zoo structure
zoo net repair
zoo structure
art installation
art installation
bespoke art decoration
bespoke internal decoration
Christmas decoration
city dressing
lighting sphere

Decorations and art installations

With multiple installations carried out over the years, our art and decoration installation services are already well recognised. Yet we always strive to do more impressive and grand installations. We like to work with artists and creative minds. We understand how important the vision is and will help to materialise it for you. Christmas decorations, city dressing or art installations - it’s what we like to do.

Bird control

When you have a problem with those pesky birds getting where they shouldn’t – give us a shout. We will design and install a bird proofing system for you. We specialize in bird control netting installations. We will suggest a suitable net size for the species of bird concerned, to minimize costs and wind loading. Careful planning and installation are essential to success. Let us help you with the installation and maintenance of your bird netting system.

bird control installation
bird netting
bird control
cable net system
steel mesh detail
mesh installation
mesh installation
metal mesh

Stainless steel mesh and cable nets

Stainless steel nets present an incredible opportunity to designers and architects. They are strong, flexible, versatile and beautiful. They can be used as a structural or architectural feature. From a balustrade, through structural support for an art installation to a zoo enclosure for predator animals. We can provide a bespoke solution for your need.

Cladding and curtain walls

Cladding and curtain walls often mean work at height. Our cladding services prove invaluable where traditional access methods like cradles or scaffolding prove impractical. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a small sealant replacement or a major curtain wall installation, our rope access system can be quickly deployed with minimum inconvenience to the building occupants. Our team will work with you to achieve final goal safely and efficiently.

Lift platform
working on steel structure

For professional rope access installation specialist in UK, call Alpha RAT

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