Tensile Structures specialist in the UK

Looking for a firm that installs and maintains tensile structures across UK and worldwide? Alpha RAT designs and installs all types of structures professionally and at affordable prices.

Installation and maintenance of tensile structures.

Alpha RAT can design, manufacture and install all types of tensile structures – from PVC fabric canopies to steel cable nets. Fabric architecture, netting and cable structures, stainless steel mesh - we know this stuff so give us a call to discuss your project.

Choose us for:

  • Regular structural inspections, followed by a detailed report
  • Re-stressing
  • Major refurbishment and replacement works
    Minor maintenance works
  • PVC and PTFE welding
  • Regular and ad hoc canopy cleaning

Tensile fabric structures

Tensile fabric structures offer an invaluable advantage over classic structures. They allow for greater spans, lighter construction and more aesthetic designs. Installations are often challenging and require detailed planning and perfect execution. With many years of experience in the tensile structure industry, we undertake the installation of various types of structures from PVC, through PTFE and ETFE to mesh shades.

Tensile Cable Structures

Cable structures allow designers to create incredibly lightweight and flexible designs, that can cover a huge area with a clean aesthetic. They can be implemented as a key part of the structure, e.g. in curtain walling, or act as a main feature in the art or lighting installation. We can install “off-the-shelf” solutions or design and manufacture bespoke tensile cable structures tailored to your needs and requirements.

Structural Inspections

Tensile structures rely heavily on a pre-stress of their components. It is very important to keep an eye on the condition and the tension of the structure and its elements. With many years of experience in the tensile industry, our engineers know how to look after your structure and a written condition report will help you plan your maintenance schedule. From small free-standing canopies to massive roofs and walkways - we work with all scales.

Maintenance and refurbishment

All structures age and degrade. Where the safety of the public or your assets is a priority, a well-planned maintenance schedule is key. Additionally, the visual appearance of your tensile structure is usually a very important factor. We will make sure that your structure is safe, fully functional and good-looking. If for any reason your tensile structure sustained damage, we will repair it and bring it back to life.

Canopy cleaning

Tensile fabric canopies are usually very practical and beautiful structures. Unfortunately, like everything else, if left alone they can degrade and lose their appearance significantly. Usually, white fabric can gather dirt and traffic grime and fabric's protective coating can degrade if not maintained. Alpha RAT offers professional canopy cleaning services as well as full maintenance and inspection services if required.

Emergency call-out

Sometimes due to the lack of maintenance or severe weather, tensile structures can fail. The safety of the public and your assets is very important to us. That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency call-out service. If the situation requires, we will try our best to reach the site within a few hours UK-wide. For non-emergency situations, we will aim to reach your site within 48h.

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